Du 09 au 12 avril

ICRS World Congress, Macau 2018

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Estrada do Istmo. s/n Cotai, Macau SAR

Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel (MACAO)

ICRS World Congress, Macau 2018


This meeting promises a state of the art summary of current and future techniques in cartilage repair and emphasize similarities and differences between cartilage injury and early Osteoarthritis.

Renseignement / Inscription :

This organization holds its World Congress every 18 months to help you, our members and guests, to discover the latest information regarding Cartilage research and treatment of articular cartilage disease. This unique organization where Surgeons, Scientists and Industry are all equals contributing to this great endeavor.

This year's meeting holds special significance for two reasons: 1) It is the first ICRS Congress held in Asia, allowing us to finally truly declare ourselves a world- wide organization. We meet here with the help of our Chinese and Asian members who have for so long contributed to our work and have traveled long hours to join us.
2) This is the first meeting held in our second 20 years under our new Mission and Goals to include not just treating cartilage defects but expanding our knowledge and research to improve the lives of so many with early onset arthritis throughout the world through the expanding body of knowledge of Regenerative Medicine.


International Cartilage Repair Society